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Things To Keep In Mind When Creating The Perfect Reading Nook in Your Space

August 16, 2021

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating The Perfect Reading Nook in Your Space | Studio Covers


Remember those car rides with books in your hands ready to be flipped open the moment there was a signal or any sign of traffic at all? Or those meals where your parents chastised you for reading instead of focusing on eating? A bag that wasn’t considered packed until a couple of novels were stuffed into it? 

In today’s day and age, it might be safe to assume that our attention spans have gotten smaller. With TV and OTT’s churning out content for us to passively consume, there’s not much space for the slightly more demanding novel. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that reading will always have an incomparable kind of magic.

It is with keeping this in mind that we bring to you a few ways of creating the ideal reading nook in your space! Let’s bring back the charm of lazy Sundays spent relishing a new novel.


Settings are integral literary elements that can make or break a book. And in the way the internal setting of a book matters, the external setting of the reader does too.

shabby chic decor

Creating a charming little reading nook will most likely enhance your experience and allow you to easily immerse yourself in the book. A dedicated space that functionally and aesthetically gives you the ability to breathe, sit in peace, and take in one page at a time. 

And we’re here to guide you. You don’t need fancy renovations or big purchases, just shift a few things around and you’re pretty much there.


TIP #1: Pick the right location in your home

You want a space that makes you want to read. We suggest somewhere quiet - away from the hustle and bustle of the daily mundanities - and somewhere pretty. I personally love relaxing on the couch in my balcony. If you are in an apartment and your view of the skyline is hindered by neighbour’s balconies or construction sites (“hello development”), we suggest getting yourself some bamboo plants to close off the view. 

TIP #2: What are we going to sit on?

This is your space. It is all about being comfortable so that you can allow yourself to enter another world. Go for comfort over style, though ideally, why choose? Perhaps an armchair that is big enough for you to sink into and tuck your legs under yourself. Maybe a smaller one paired with an ottoman for you to really get cozy? Oh, have we already spoken about a hammock yet?

TIP #3: Yes, you guessed it. A warm beverage.

You’re settled into your chair, the breeze from the adjacent window gently brushing against your face, and before getting into your book, you decide to get a cup of cocoa. It’s piping hot, and you can’t be expected to hold onto it and flip pages with one hand. 

TIP #4: And a table

You need a small side table or stool to be able to place your beverage(s), a backup book, and any other knick-knacks. 

TIP #5: Maximise the comfort with some throws and cushions

A great way to enhance your overall reading experience is to surround yourself with some soft, fluffy pillows and throw blankets ! Take a look at this setup for inspiration. Try to stick to a neutral, minimal colour scheme to keep the space from becoming overwhelming. 

throws and cushion covers by studio covers

TIP #6: Good lighting is vital

When it comes to lighting, natural light is always best. Sit by a window and let the soft rays of the sunlight light the pages of your experience. 

During the evening hours, you can opt for floor lamps, table lamps, and fairy lights. Warm white is the way to go. Perhaps we are biased, but white light is the easiest way to kill a vibe. 

TIP #7: Scents go a long way

Scents stir memories and bring out emotions. There are some scents that transport me back to a particular moment in my childhood. Scents are also a great way of bringing some zen energy into your home. It has been scientifically proven that certain scents help with concentration, retention, and calm. We recommend lighting up a lavender, cinnamon, or lavender bean candle. 


katha in fuchsia by studio covers

With that said, we hope you take it easy and settle into your little nook and allow the stories of the world to colour your life.

Happy reading!

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