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Modern Dećor: The Philosophy and Features of Modern Home Décor

February 23, 2021

Modern Dećor: The Philosophy and Features of Modern Home Décor | Studio Covers


The term “modern” might just be one of the most misused terms in interior design and home décor. It is, for one, often confused with contemporary. After all, the two terms are can be used interchangeably in everyday English. 

In the world of interior design and décor, however, they are not the same thing. In the previous blog post, we discussed contemporary home décor and features that make homes contemporary. Here is a quick recap:

The word “contemporary” comes from the Latin con which means “together with” and tempor which means time. Together, contemporary means “of the moment” or “of the time.” Contemporary design, to put it simply, is current and evolving (since times are constantly changing). 

So while contemporary design is ever-changing, modern design is a product of a certain era, specifically, of the mid-20th century. The modern décor movement finds its roots in the simplicity of Scandinavian and German design. While the modern style became the dominant way of doing up one’s space during the first half of the 20th century, styles such as postmodernism and mid-century modern, which grew out of the modern style, continue to remain prominent.

Philosophy of Modern Décor

Modern style of interior design and décor emerged during a time when machines were becoming all the rage. It then naturally follows that at the heart of modern design lies one simple belief: functionality is king.

Every element in the modern home must serve a purpose. If it doesn’t, it goes.

This idea also makes its way into the aesthetics of the modern home we have become all too familiar with: it’s sleek, consists of crisp lines, simple colours, and uses materials such as metal and glass. Each object of home furnishings in your modern décor-inspired casa must serve a practical purpose. 

Modern home décor is also about embracing simplicity and being clutter-free. 

Features of Modern Décor

1. Functionality 

Taking inspiration from machines, modern design is about purpose and function. The idea is to create a space where every object serves a purpose.

2. Simple colourways

Modern décor is all about embracing neutral colourways. Blacks, whites, and beiges can be seen in plenty in modern homes. While it is true that sometimes modern homes may use bolder colours, they are used sparingly and in a manner that they do not dominate the space. 

3. Open-concept floor plans

Modern home décor is all about opening up spaces. Therefore, it only follows that the modern style emphasizes open-concept floor plans i.e.,  combining the kitchen and the living and/or family rooms. The kitchen now becomes a part of the heart of the house. It is also for this reason that you may often find island kitchen counters in modern homes. 

4. Natural light

In continuation with the previous point, natural light opens spaces up. Modern homes place a great deal of emphasis on making sure natural light pours into the modern home. You can be sure to find large windows here.

5. Emphasis on clean and straight lines

Keeping in line with the theme of functionality, modern homes tend to favour clean and straight lines. Curves are, on the whole, rejected. This is for two reasons: i) it allows the space to feel clean and uncluttered, and ii) it is the aesthetic counterpart of the “it should have a purpose and if it doesn’t, it goes” philosophy. 

6. Natural materials

Modern home décor is all about embracing natural materials and appreciating the integrity of these materials. Take, for instance, wood. Wood is a staple of the modern home. However, it is not overpolished - the material is respected and allowed to exist in all its natural glory. The natural shades of the wood used, its veins, and its natural surfaces are not overpolished or overornamented.

7. Reflective surfaces

Materials such as steel and chrome are modern home staples too. They exemplify the uber-“sleekness” of the modern casa. They are often used within furniture pieces (table legs, chair frames, and such) or as doorknobs, lamps, and cabinet handles. 

Modern Décor: To Sum It Up

Modern home décor is all about the art of less. It is about a move away from the excess and a move towards simplifying our own life - it is focused on form and function, on ensuring that our spaces remain clutter-free and simple. The philosophy isn’t all that pathbreaking. It is, however, calming. In a world of chaos, let’s take a moment to embrace the purposeful.


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