What does soft minimalism mean? | Studio Covers

Why We Created A Soft Minimal Christmas Collection

December 19, 2020

Why We Created A Soft Minimal Christmas Collection | Studio Covers


Christmas is a time when reds, whites, and greens shine. So how is it that a Christmas with softer hues seems to be catching on? 

 soft minalism what does it mean by studio covers

Well, to answer that question, we don’t really need to look to Christmas at all. For that, we have this chaotic world to thank. 

In this blog, we’re going to be taking you through what we believe minimalism is, what soft minimalism is, and why we decided to go ahead and create a soft minimal Christmas collection

We wrote a blog on the Colours of Christmas a few days ago. Take a look!


Minimalism: A Reaction


Heard the overused term “less is more” before? Ah, we’re guilty of having used it too. Then again, cliches are cliches for a reason.

If you were to go and actively search for the history of minimalism, you will most likely learn that it started in the 1950s. It is an avant-garde movement. It first broke through as a style in sculpture and music. 

But this is not the minimalism we’re talking about. 

We’re talking about minimalism as a way of being. Of living. It means surrounding yourself with only what you need or really want. A succinct summary would be: a lack of excess. 

Many minimalists want to get rid of most of their worldly possessions. While some may raise their eyebrows and go “why?”, the reason checks out. 

We live in a world of capitalism, materialism, consumerism, commercialism. The fact that I used four -isms to just talk about “a need for more” is a case in point. 

Verbose prose aside, even skeptics have to begrudgingly accept that there is a certain appeal to not owning a lot. It frees you. Physical space, then mental relief.  

Even those who don’t claim to be minimalists do it. 

The physical appeal of the iPhone? Minimalism.

Those big billboard ads that were filled with images and text? Now they’ve gone the minimalist route. 

Heard of a capsule wardrobe? Minimalism in play.

We live in a world of chaos. Of options - too many options. From products in aisle #47 at the grocery store to those 74 apps vying for your attention in your phone, there is just too goddamn much around us all the goddamn time.



A breath. In, out. In, out. 




Soft Minimalism: Our Reaction

While minimalism in of itself doesn’t demand you to restrict yourself, humans like to invent rules. 

You’ve probably bumped into one of those “I only own 5 pairs of clothes” videos on YouTube. But that is not what minimalism is about really. 

minimalism photo for studio covers blog
Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

It is about simplification, not restriction. It’s about taking out the mess and chaos and replacing that with peace and groundedness. 

For us, minimalism isn’t rigid as much as it is soft. This philosophy guides our designing too.

They’re not overly complex designs. They’re simple - yes, they take hours of thought to perfect and create. But we aren’t focused on getting in as many elements as we can. And we’re not focused on making as many sales as we can in a short amount of time. 

Soft minimalism, thus, finds itself becoming an overarching philosophy - design philosophy and work philosophy. 

Don’t be rigid. Accept. 

Learn what would enrich your life and then go buy it. Embrace it for years to come. Don’t look for escape in consumerism - there isn’t any.


A Soft Minimal Christmas

Given how minimalism is the antithesis of crony capitalism, we find ourselves at what has come to become perhaps one of the most capitalist holidays of the year. 

Black Friday sales, need to buy Christmas gifts, and the keeping up with the Joneses in terms of everything from the Christmas trees to the decorations to the parties. 

Of course, a soft minimal Christmas is welcome in the midst of this chaos. It is a departure from the reds and greens, a segue into softer hues. A spatial reflection of the inner need to need less.

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