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Our Top 7 Cushions for the Year 2020

December 31, 2020

Our Top 7 Cushions for the Year 2020 | Studio Covers



Some years are better than others. Well, 2020, that’s been a whole different story. The year came with its unique set of drawbacks. But you know what they say about making lemonade out of lemons.

For us, the year was just the push we needed to get our priorities in order and realize what we want out of life. And thus, Studio Covers was born. Though the venture goes back to the 1990s (and now spans three generations of women), it’s taken a dramatically new turn this year. New life has been breathed into it. 

If you don’t know our story, you can take a look at it here.

So the three of us - my grandmother, mother, and I - sat down to think about what our favourite pieces from our own collection have been this year. This was particularly challenging because of how much time we’ve spent creating these pieces. Though we tried to sidestep the creator’s attachment, and genuinely just look at our products in terms of what touches us the most.

  1. Let’s kick this off with one that is a common favourite. Snow White’s Helpers. The brainchild of my mother, I feel like I did have a tiny role to play in its creation by being the one who gave the perfect name. A medley of techniques come together to create this blissful little moment in time - someplace lovely, quiet, and loved. I can almost hear the birds singing. 
    snow white's helpers studio covers


  1. My favourite piece from the collection would have to be, without a doubt, the Mariposa in Old Rose cushion. It’s gentle, it’s kind, and it reminds me of the idyllic little cottages I’ve stayed in over the years in Europe.


  1. Symphony comes in next. One that was my favourites from the moment I laid eyes on it, this one seems to be a favourite amongst customers too. The delicate embroidery and soft blues have my heart. Had I been getting married and in a Hollywood movie, this would have to be my something blue.
    symphony delicate blue by studio covers


  1. Something that my mother and grandmother seem to absolutely love is the Epicurious cushion. The crazy thing about this piece is that it looks like a print but it’s actually all embroidery. Inspitred by Aztec motifs and Ikat, the embroidery creates an opulent and modern vibe.
    epicurious ikat cushion by studio covers


  1. Now on to something even dreamier….Dreamy Pastels. It’s comfortable, comforting, easy-breezy, and the perfect cushion to hug. It makes for a great sleep cushion even though we didn’t really plan for it to be so.

  2. The Nirvana pair has been inspired by artist Satish Gupta’s Lotus series. It The pink velvet lotus emerges in out of the white cotton. The Sage cushion symbolizes the surface of the Lotus flower.
    nirvana pair by studio covers

  3. Our Old World Kantha cushion. Such a medley of technique coming together to create this soft dream-like cushion. Kantha meets applique meets florals - grey on white. From the moment I saw it, I felt this need to be transported to one of those rainy days in Pune back when I was a college student. Chai and sutta and watching a Satyajit Ray film.
    old world kantha by studio covers

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