A Call For Talented Videographers | Studio Covers

A Call For Talented Videographers

Studio Covers is looking for talented videographers who are passionate about home decor. Sounds like you fit the bill? Keep reading.

The concept
Had we not been done with typical social media jargon, we might’ve said we’re looking for “content creators.” But the term “content”, somehow, has started to sound a bit dystopian - sort of this nonstop mill that burns, burns, burns. And it churns, and on the other end, bursts out content, content, content.
We’re not looking at churning anything. 
We’re not looking for churners either. This is a call for lovers.
We’re looking for those who appreciate a beautiful space and slow living. Those with a love for aesthetics, decor, mindfulness, minimalism, and sustainable living. This, back with superior photography and videography skills that make the heart smile. 

The idea is simple…

You have to send us a 150 to 200 word concept note. Things to mention:
  • Your concept for the video/images
  • Which area of your space would you like to shoot in
  • Why? (a little one-liner on what pushes you to create this bit of content would do)
  • Products from our end you’d like to shoot for the purpose
  • A rough timeline of the same
Please also mention links/photos of the products you would like to use, as well as photos of the space you would like to shoot your video/images in. We would also appreciate videos/photos of your previous work.

Okay so that is four things you need to mail us at hello@studiocovers.co: the concept note, photos of your space, links/photos of our products you’d like to use, and previous work samples (a minimum of three). 

At the moment, we’re giving priority to videos over photographs.
We’d also like to mention that we understand creative freedom and would be completely okay with you going off your initial concept note if the final deliverable is amazing.

Things you should know:

  1. You have to sign an agreement with us. This is to make sure we get the deliverables in a  reasonable amount of time.
  2. Please understand that your videos will be used in our social media feeds, our promotional ads, and/or on the website. Credits will, as should go without saying, always be given to you.
  3. While you can use the videos on your own platforms (social medias or personal website), you cannot share it with other companies or brands. And when you do use the videos on your own platform, please make sure to give us credit for the products.
  4. At the moment, this is not a paid partnership. You will keep the products with you forever though, as well as receive credits whenever you work is used by us. In the future, a paid partnership can be discussed.
Once we receive your email, somebody will be getting in touch with you over 3-5 working days. In case it is a yes, voila! And if no, we will let you know how you can improve your pitch so that you can repitch in a more informed manner.

Who’s excited?