Basket of Flowers Set - La Playa! by Studio Covers

Basket of Flowers Set - Set of Seven

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In a world full of noise, let's take a moment to embrace simplicity. 

Wouldn't living in the countryside away from the noise and chaos of the city be just wonderful? Think of a little house - on a near-empty road - save for a few similar cottages. There’s a lovely walkway of sandy beige stone leading up to the house, some shrubbery on either side of it. The house is bordered by a fence of the same beige stones that lend themselves to the walkway. Moss and ivy have found a home in the cracks around it, creating a gorgeous veil of green in some areas. In the back, we have a dreamy garden to grow some of our own produce, there are dainty flowering plants and herbs blossoming in cute patches around our cottage... Oh, our very own slice of the Shire. Down to Bilbo's lovely forest green door with the shiny golden knob. 

The interiors are perfumed with lilies and roses brought from our garden, and the herbs hanging in the kitchen. Everything inside is picked because it makes us happy. Light wood floors, light wood counters and furniture. Little knick-knacks sit about a little haphazardly and our books fit snugly on a single tall shelf. There’s a fireplace too! Of course, we have a fire-place. There is nothing manicured about the setting, no pretence. Just a simple home for people happy within the tranquillity nature has to offer. 

Oh, the simplest things in life really are the best things in life. 

Product Specifications

  • One Basket of Flowers cushion cover
    Size: 18 x 18 inches 
    Fabric: Linen Blend 
    Care: Gentle machine wash
  • One La Playa Macramé cushion cover
    Size: 18 x 18 inches 
    Fabric: Cotton
    Care: Professional dry clean
  • One White Gold sham cover
    Size: 14 x 20 inches 
    Fabric: Linen Blend
    Care: Professional dry clean
  • Two Limestone Quilted cushion covers
    Size: 20 x 20 inches 
    Fabric: Linen Blend
    Care: Gentle machine wash

  • Two Statement Chevron cushion covers 
    Size: 18 x 18 inches 
    Fabric: Linen Blend
    Care: Gentle machine wash


All our products are ethically made and are 100% vegan. We take our role as creators seriously and endeavour to provide sustainable products through minimal use of plastic along with anything and everything that may harm the environment. Our packaging is also done using bags made of fabric that can be used for other purposes.

Every item we craft is made to last. Our cushions clad in a minimum of 4 layers are designed for comfort and luxury without sacrificing durability.

Shipping and Returns

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