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Embroidered Sacred Wheel and Oro



The sacred Buddhist wheel is a symbol of the Buddha's Eightfold Noble Path. It is divided into three parts. The hub, the spokes, and the rim of the wheel. Each corresponds to the Buddha’s teachings on ethics, concentration, and wisdom. The hub symbolises ethical discipline and stability of the mind. The sharpness of the spokes signifies awareness and wisdom that penetrates ignorance. Finally, the rim represents concentration. 

Our Sacred Wheel cushion has been created using premium polyester and has been carefully embroidered. Pair the cushion with our solid Oro cushion cover. 

Product Specifications

In this pair, you will find:

  • One Sacred Wheel cushion cover
    - Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches
    - Material: Polyester

  • One Oro cushion cover
    - Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches
    - Material: Polyester

Wash Care: Professional dry clean


All our products are ethically made and are 100% vegan. We take our role as creators seriously and endeavour to provide sustainable products through minimal use of plastic along with anything and everything that may harm the environment. Our packaging is also done using bags made of fabric that can be used for other purposes.

Every item we craft is made to last. Our cushions clad in a minimum of 4 layers are designed for comfort and luxury without sacrificing durability.

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