Microfiber Fillers by Studio Covers

Microfiber Fillers


All right, so you've invested in some beautiful cushion covers. Now all you need to make them shine are the right fillers. A beautiful cover will only shine if you choose the right filler. 

Our microfiber fillers are made of premium polyester to help your cushion cover really stand out. The right filler does two things: i) provides your cover with body, and ii) provides you with comfort. 

If the filler is too small or thin (i.e. not having enough filling), the cover is bound to look shapeless and limp. If the filler is too big or stuffed, it will most likely be a nightmare to add to your covers. And if you successfully manage to do so, it probably won't make for the most comfortable cushion.

We recommend sizing up when buying your fillers. If your cushion cover is a 16 x 16 (inches), we suggest you go for an 18 x 18-inch filler. If your sham is 14 x 20 inches, we recommend going for a 16 x 22-inch filler.

For more information, we suggest taking a look at an explainer video made by our Creative Partner Rukmini Ray Kadam i.e. the beloved TRUMMATER (Instagram @trumatter). View the video by scrolling to the next slide!

We have already done the work for you, so when you're deciding the size of the filler for your covers from the dropdown on the side, please make sure to choose according to the size of your cushion cover. 

Note: We are a sustainable brand and believe in reducing our use of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. With that said, fillers last, and can be used for, years (if not decades) to come. Thus, we chose to include them in our store.

Please note that at the moment we do not ship out fillers internationally. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent fillers

They provide just the right amount of fill and a proper comfort level. I would buy them again without any hesitation.

Thank you so much, Sharad! So glad to hear you like the fillers :)

Awesome product

Such a beautiful cushion cover. Intricate work.

Thank you so much, Vipula! We really appreciate the kind words ✨

Unmatched Quality!

The fillers which I bought from Studio Covers are really of unmatched quality…. So so so good! Short of words.

Prerna Parewa
Perfect from every aspect…

I had purchased 20x20 inch filler.Just go for these fillers without thinking twice. Perfect amount of filling, perfect size, Quality amazing. As it’s description says no need for sizing up. It’s accurate neither too small nor too big.

Thank you, Prerna! We are so glad to hear that you liked the fillers and they were a perfect fit!