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Studio Covers Testimonials

natasha gambhir photo
"Normally you let the sunlight in when you draw the curtains away. In this case I was fine letting the light stay out and put the curtains on. For some reason they seemed brighter, livelier and more energetic than the light itself. That is the magic of Sonali from Studio Covers. I know them for a long time now. Their designs speak their own language, their colours convey their own stories. They are an experience in themselves."
- Natasha Gambhir
satish gupta photo
"Sonali has created some extraordinary textiles for my studio ZAZEN over the years and has been great at developing my concepts for the soft furnishings. Being a perfectionist myself I am pleased with her attention to details."
- Satish Gupta
 dolly gaia
"To be honest , I dont know how you manage to do such a good job every single time, Sonali. My home looks gorgeous with your soft furnishings. Thank you so much."
- Dolly Kumar
Shoummo Dasgupta photo
All of life is an exercise and to write flowery drivel is too. We can thus always advance how sensitive Sonali is to colour, quality, workmanship detail etc.
But curiously enough, she is actually able to read spaces as possibilities. And thus is able to accept the permanence of a space while intuitively creating a continuity of experience. And so, in that manner of speaking, Sonali has always been our reliable go-to person to engage and lift a space.
- Shoummo Dasgupta
Sonali's style is spontanous and creative. Soothing and inspiring. Just like our friendship - which is joyous and beautiful.
- Amita Gupta
gayatri nargis photo
"Sonali is a thorough professional. I have always appreciated her eye for detail and passion to follow it through. She makes her clients comfortable by taking all their suggestions and channelizes them into master pieces which make houses homes. I have been working with her for the past 12 years and look forward to many more windows and cushions to discuss over coffee!"
- Gayatri Nargis